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CMM Software


The heart of your CMM: to organize, execute, calculate and report.

  • Organize your measurement programs on the network
  • Add commands and instructions to guide the operator
  • Create individual reports meeting your customer's needs
  • Archive your results in formats like PDF, XLS, HTML and many other
  • SPC with MeasurLink or export data to CAQ systems
  • Export detected geometrical elements to CAD systems
  • Revision Management for authorized usage of validated part programs as standard
  • Meet the requirements of FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 without extra costs

The following packages are also available for Offline programming.
The so called "Offline MCOSMOS" packages allow you to create part programs whilst the CMM is proofing your product quality.

The new CMM software generation for an efficient, safe and automatic CMM programming.
MiCAT Planner drastically reduces the programming time and thus will make your work much more efficient! Programs will now be made within minutes where it took hours or even days before. MiCAT planner is using PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) tolerance information inside the CAD file and creates the complete part program by considering your individual measurement strategy and your specific CMM. This guarantees a collision-free program in the shortest possible time.

  • Reduces programming time significantly
  • Collision-free and optimized programs
  • Increased availability of the measuring machine
  • Flexibility in choosing the measuring machine
  • Unified measurement strategies increase data quality
  • Speeds up instruction of staff

Calculates point cloud data measured by CNC CMM with SurfaceMeasure. It generates scanning paths by defining the scanning start position, length, and width.

  • Scanning paths can be created by simply defining three items : the scanning starting point, the scanning length, and the scanning width
  • Scanning paths can be stored as measurement macros
  • Point cloud data obtained from scanning can be exported in text or STL format
  • MSURF-S can be started from MCOSMOS


Conducts analysis or comparison verification of
measured point cloud data in reference to nominal
data (supporting CAD data import).

  • Importing CAD data
  • Feature-by-feature comparison
  • Comparison of cross-sectional shapes

MSURF Planner

is software to automatically create measurement macros (surface form, feature
form) for the line laser probe from 3D CAD data.
Optimized data (travel path, number of probe head revolutions, etc.) of a measurement path will contribute to improvements in productivity.

  • Automatic scanning path programming.
  • Automatic path generation for surface or feature extraction
  • Mirroring function
Mitutoyo introduces the fastest way for inspecting blades and blisks: MAFIS Express.

  • Increases your throughput by time savings up to 90%
  • Intuitive programming and easy handling
  • For many kinds of airfoils like blades, blisks, gas turbines
  • Easy Off-line programming on the CAD model
  • Individual setting of the inspection routine: measure all or just some dedicated intersections
  • Support of standards set by Rolls-Royce®, P&W, Siemens®, GE®, Honeywell®, SNECMA,
    Turbomeca® and others
  • Ideal with the Revo® or SP25M probe heads